Health Related Fitness - Youthreach Resource Person

Dublin, Ireland   Temporary/Contract/Project
Closing Date: 15/09/2017 16:00   Other
Salary:  See Description for Details


Job Description

Primary Function:
The role of the Youthreach Resource Person is to provide learning and administrative support, as appropriate and teach subject specialism. Assess students’ learning needs, design and implement programme plans based on these individual needs. Engage with the planning, implementation and evaluation of the programme at classroom and centre level and maintain a positive and co-operative working relationship with centre coordinator, other members of staff, students and the wider community.

The remuneration offered is the Youthreach Resource scale plus allowance where appropriate as determined by the regulations of the Department of Education & Skills.

Job Objectives

Duties of Youthreach Resource - CL12/03
• Responsibility to the Co-ordinator on a day to day basis for the delivery of the programme.
• Direct class contact in keeping with programme needs as required by the VEC subject to a maximum of 20:40 hours per week.
• Curriculum development and delivery, implementation of certification procedures
• and front line guidance and information
• Maintenance of discipline
• Development and monitoring of programme
• Assessment and monitoring of trainee course work
• Conducting interviews of trainees
• Administrative duties relevant to the post.
• To deputise when necessary for the Centre co-ordinator.

Skills Required

Person Specification/Profile:
Essential Requirements:
• The technical/relevant academic qualifications, enthusiasm and confidence needed to deliver the subject area.
• The skills needed to prepare and deliver enjoyable and effective modules using appropriate learning strategies that provide for the needs of all students in the class; and to incorporate technology to enhance learning outcomes.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• A professional approach and ability to work with colleagues to develop professional relationships.
• Continually improve his/her professional knowledge and practice.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Content Knowledge & Understanding
• Develops and maintain knowledge base in subject area and in other relevant areas.
• Understands the links to other programme areas and be able to integrate learning across and between areas.
• Critically evaluates the range of learning theories and styles and know how to apply them where appropriate.

Technical Skills/Practice
• Applies professional knowledge base to design learning experiences.
• Manages individual, group and team learning.
• Monitors and adjust teaching strategies based on student needs and performance. Sequences and paces learning appropriately.
• Knows how technological systems work and how to apply that knowledge to instructional and administrative functions.

Communication and Relations Building
• Able to express ideas and present information (written and verbal) effectively.
• Communicate clear expectations and provide directions and instructions to support student engagement.
• Manage relations effectively, work independently and as part of a team.

Continuous Professional Development
• Assess own need for professional growth and develops and monitors own professional development plan.
• Engages in a variety of self-directed and collegial professional development activities and incorporates new skills and knowledge into learning environment to enhance the quality of instruction.

Organisational & Administrative Skills
• Able to establish clear objectives and priorities, schedule time, resources and activities. Monitor progress and results.
• Make efficient and effective use of resources and technology to assist in delivering lessons and carry out associated administrative tasks.
• Plans programme delivery that is consistent with the programmes goals/learning outcomes.

In the application form you will be asked to outline, in no more than 150 words, one relevant example of how and where you have displayed each of these competencies.
It is therefore recommended that you keep a copy of this job description open while completing your application. (PDF version available to download).

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